Ephemera Giveaway April

Giveaways for Kick-Off Party

I found a sweet little box with a cute bumblebee in my eclectic collection of things. I am a collector of things, especially things made of paper! This little box is now filled with ephemera of various sorts, dyed tea bags, feathers, ribbon, yummy paper, dried flowers, stamps and some lucky winner will get it in the drawing on April 1, 2019.

How can you win this sweet little giveaway?


It is simple!  Just come to the party on IG Sunday, March 31 from 8 – 9 p.m. We will be posting a few prompts to create from.  Create your something (it can be as simple as you like). Take a quick photo of your fabulous creation and share it on IG using the hashtag #10DCAC.

Deadline for entries is before noon on Monday, April 1.


That’s all there is to it!

See you Sunday!!!!


Follow the hashtag #10DCAC to find us!

Let’s Party!

Bio - Art Challenge Kick-Off Take 2

Who’s Ready for the KICK-OFF Party?

Count down is 3 days!


Lynne and I are excited to host our first kick-off party.

Sunday March 31 from 8 – 9 p.m. on Instagram.


What to expect?

We will post under the #10DCAC hashtag a few prompts to create a small something, something.  It can be whatever you prefer.  Use magazine images and a glue stuck. Use your pencil and a pad of paper. Use paint and a paintbrush.  Use glitter and crayons.



Next, take a photo with your phone of you’re something.

Then, post it on IG with the hashtag #10DCAC


And voila!  You are entered in the giveaway drawing for a few gifts from Lynne and I.

We will draw the names at noon of April 1.  (No April Fool’s, I promise!)

Just post your creation before noon to be entered.


We hope you can join in the fun!

Looking forward to your creations.


And April 1, the fun of the 10 day challenge begins!

Choose Art for yourself!


April Kick Off Party #10DCAC

03 31 19

#10DCAC 10 Day Choose Art Challenge

Join us for a 10 Day Mini Art Challenge!

The kick off party is Sunday, March 31 from 8 – 9 p.m on Instagram.

Follow us on IG to make sure you don’t miss the fun. 



Join us on Instagram for a few extra fun prompts to create quickly with others!  We will have a few giveaways for the Kick-Off.

Supplies can be whatever you have at hand. A simple glue stick, scissors and magazine images, or a paint brush with your favorite colors of paint, or  a pencil and paper! 

Take a photo of your creation and use the tag #10dcac on Instagram to be entered in the drawing for prizes and to share your art.

The 10 day challenge starts April 1 and ends April 10. Each day a prompt will be provided to choose art. You can use any media you like!

Take a photograph, use paint, use crayons, use a glue-stick and scissors! Take a few minutes each day for yourself! 

Please come along and play with us!

The more the merrier.

Prompts can be found here, on Facebook and on Instagram  Follow us on Instagram or follow #10dcac to see the prompts.

We will post the upcoming 10 day posts on March 31 for those who like to look ahead! 

If you want to just create each day just use the daily prompts that will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. 

Your creation can be ANYTHING you like! You don’t even have to follow the prompt!

Choose 10 – 20 minutes a day and CREATE something! And then share with us.

Join our Facebook Group – #10DCAC – Ten Day Choose Art Challenge

Or you are welcome to post publicly on Facebook of Instagram

Lynne’s Blog will have posts also.

Share your creations if you like each day on IG or FB using #10DCAC 

Can’t wait to see what you create!

Spring Equinox – Full Moon

10DCAC March Day 6 - 1

Every Day is Day 1.

I sit. Candle lit – hour glass turned, coffee at hand. I write, letting the thoughts pour onto the page. Meandering mundane thoughts mixed with to-do lists and the deep thoughts that spill thru the pencil onto the lined paper.

I want to see beyond the image. I want to see and say the unsayable. I want to create art that comes from my soul. I want to find the wonder and awe within.


The owl flying overhead between the full moon, completely eclipsed, and I as I lay on the cold ground many years ago.

The full moon on my right, the setting sun on my left as I drove on a lonely stretch of highway.


The sound of the waves as I walked the beach one morning.


The desert sky at dusk, the warm sand between my toes, the smell of sage after a fresh rain.

Spring Equinox Full Moon #2

Forever is composed of Nows.        

 Emily Dickinson


Here’s the thing.


It is all interconnected. 



The memories that stay with me.

The dreams that speak to me at night.

The books I read.

The colors that call me.

The creatures that find me on my path.



Spring Equinox - Full Moon #1

There is sacredness in each moment.


My purpose is to PAY ATTENTION.


There’s beauty in it all.

#10DCAC Day 10 – Soul Flower

Soul Flower Collage

Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.      Gerard De Nerval





I love Florida in the spring!

All of these photos I took in my back yard today. I was surprised at the number of flowers that were blooming. Each flower is individual and beautiful – just as each of us is individual and beautiful.


What will you create today?

Can you take a few minutes and choose to make some art?

Grab your phone and take some photos or grab a magazine and a glue stick.


We would love to see your creations. Use #10DCAC on Instagram and Facebook.


It has been a fun month of creating. These prompts help me keep creating and sharing. Our 10 days of art prompts is over for March. We hope you enjoyed them and were able to choose art and create some art for yourself this month. We will be back in April! Planning a few new surprises so stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram. Looking forward to your beautiful art!


See you next time!  (April 1 – 10, 2019).