March #10DCAC Day 8 Haiku

Can You Haiku?

Happy Friday! Today’s prompt is Can You Haiku?

I have always enjoyed playing with words and one way I enjoy is to create Haiku.

I may not be wonderful at it but it is fun to try and get an idea across with the 5-7-5 pattern of a Haiku!

And I love watercolor and ink! I combined the two today for the prompt.

In the past I would do a haiku every Friday for the Haiku My Heart that Rebecca Recuerda did. She still has the weekly link where you can link your haiku. Check it out!

I think I may try to get back to that weekly.

Hope you enjoy the prompts! Day 8 already! How did that happen?

Lynne and I are coming up with the new great ideas for the April Choose Art Challenge! It is going to be fun!