March #10DCAC Day 2

March 2, 2019


I’m excited to be a part of another 10 Day Choose Art Challenge with Lynne. These prompts help me each month to create and share my creations. They give me some structure and I LOVE to see what others do with the prompts.


The scribbling in the background I borrowed from a class I took in 21 Secrets. Amy Bruce taught a class called Visual Nests and I just love the look she achieved. I’m still working on mine but I did like how this turned out. The backwards writing I transferred over the scribbles using pages from a magazine and a glue stick.  Found an old dictionary page I had used when I was in the throes of a gelli-plate frenzy and then used an image from a magazine for the rock. I haven’t glued down the pieces yet because I would like to sketch my own rock but did not have the time today.


What can you do with Black, White and Red all over?

Looking forward to your creation!

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You can join the private group is you do not wish to share publicly or if you want to share publicly just use the hashtag  #10DCAC.


Thank you for creating along with us.

Take time for yourself and CHOOSE ART today!