A Few of My Favorite Things #10DCAC

A Few of My Favorite Things

It was hard to choose something for this prompt! So many of my favorite things are NOT material items. I’ve always loved this vase that a friend gave to my mother. I love the vivid colors. It is perfect to put sunflowers in. It always brought a smile to my mom. And I think of her and my friend when I look at it.

I used Inktense Pencils with this. Someone used these in their creation for Create Your Own Sunshine and that reminded me how much I enjoy the colors and then when you add water – WOW! They really pop. I had more time for this prompt. I was able to lose myself in the colors. It seems a luxury to be able to do that. I was like a small child wrapped up in the moment as I colored. Time just slipped away! I love art journaling and creating art because of this. The process of creating is freeing.

When I looked at my list of favorite things after I was finished I realized I had put GREEN CHILI twice! And I did not get all my favorites listed. I could add many more like rainbows, sunrises, kindness, trees, sunsets . . . 

I hope you take time today to create! Make a list of your favorite things and share with us. Give yourself a few moments to create art!

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