#10DCAC March Day 6

“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”                                    – Virginia Woolf

Why do we create art? Why do we take the time to sit with our paintbrushes, pencils, or camera? Wouldn’t it be simpler and less expensive to NOT create? Think of the time we would have! We could get all of those eternal ‘should’s and ‘to-do’ lists accomplished.

For myself? The time I spend creating takes me out of the daily routines. This time nourishes that part of me that is beyond the mundane daily details of my life. This time is calming and meditative and also brings a sense of awe and excitement.

I use paint and pencils. I use a pair of scissors and glue sticks. I use charcoal and pencil. No matter the tools I find a sense of timelessness and space when I create.

What do you do to find your “something beyond the daily life?”