#10DCAC Day 10 – Soul Flower

Soul Flower Collage

Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.      Gerard De Nerval





I love Florida in the spring!

All of these photos I took in my back yard today. I was surprised at the number of flowers that were blooming. Each flower is individual and beautiful – just as each of us is individual and beautiful.


What will you create today?

Can you take a few minutes and choose to make some art?

Grab your phone and take some photos or grab a magazine and a glue stick.


We would love to see your creations. Use #10DCAC on Instagram and Facebook.


It has been a fun month of creating. These prompts help me keep creating and sharing. Our 10 days of art prompts is over for March. We hope you enjoyed them and were able to choose art and create some art for yourself this month. We will be back in April! Planning a few new surprises so stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram. Looking forward to your beautiful art!


See you next time!  (April 1 – 10, 2019).