#10DCAC A Time to Breathe – Jan 6 2019

A Time to Breathe – This is what I needed today! A day of unexpected developments  which required some digging in the dirt and repair. Luckily it was a wonderful sunny day. I found myself exhausted early in the afternoon.


I curled up and read a book and drank lovely hot tea. A luxury that I rarely take part in. It was exactly what this day needed.


We need to allow ourselves “A Time to Breathe”, a “Time to Be”. We spend an inordinate time being productive and doing, doing, doing. I struggle with this, feeling I “should” be productive and doing. And yet, I know this is not true.


My reminder today actually came from my tea bag. It stated “The voice of your soul is breath.” I love when the universe brings these reminders to me in such a very precise way!


And so I sat and read a novel and drank my tea and simply allowed myself to relax.


What does the prompt “A Time to Breathe” bring to you?



Day 6 of #10DCAC January 2019

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