#10DCAC May Day 10

Wonder is the foundation of Possibility.


Day 10 May

Another month has passed and another 10 Day of Choose Art Prompts is coming to a close. Lynne and I hope you enjoyed the prompts. We enjoy coming up with the ideas and sharing with you. Love to see what you can create with them.

The word POSSIBILITY is one of my favorite words. I I keep a folder on my desktop with that label. Anytime I find something that intrigues me I put it in so I can go back and see it. The folder is FULL, FULL of photos and quotes and ideas and books . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Anything can spark an idea. A walk with the puppy. A song that comes to my mind. The color of a sunset. An image from a magazine.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!


Taking just a few moments each day to play and create is the best way I have found to keep my creative mojo going.


I hope you find time each day and create. And I hope you will back next month for our June prompts! We are hoping to do another live event either on IG or Facebook.

For each of you who shared your work, thank you! We will do a drawing for the giveaway. And it’s not too late to share your creations! Just use the hashtag #10DCAC when you post.


Keep on CHOOSING ART for you and for the world. The world needs your creations!

Day 10 #2 May

May 8 – Tea Time

There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.
-Lin Yutang


May 8 Tea Pot

Tea Time

The practice, the art of tea. Volumes have been written about tea and the ceremonies involved with tea. Recently my obsession with tea has returned. I love going to a tea house and enjoying a pot of tea and all the yummy goodies that come with it.

It is a way to SLOW down and enjoy an afternoon. A way to connect and communicate with friends and family.

What does this have to do with art?

Well, in the past I started collecting the tea bags after I drank tea at home. I would let them dry and then cut them open and discard the tea leaves. The tea bags would have theses amazing designs. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I put them in a container and  kept them for some reason.

For this prompt, I glued one of the tea bags on a piece of watercolor paper. It was interesting. The tea bag design was originally a reddish color and when I used the glue on the tea bag all the color turned to blues and greens. I saw a design in the tea bag. Thinking of stitching them together also. The inspiration is endless with hem.

Not sure where I will go from here with this one but I know I will be gluing down more tea bags!

What does TEA TIME bring to mind to you?

Please share your creations. Hope you are taking time to choose art every day.

Thanks for traveling with Lynne and I on our #10DCAC journey.

Tea Bag Day 8

10DCAC May 6

Day 6 Extraordinary Ordinary #2

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I read a book years ago, “The Gift of An Ordinary Day” by Katrina Kenison.

Have you read it? My children were young and life was changing. My children were growing up. It was a book that helped me. A book that has stuck with me. Katrina Kenison’s writing speaks to me. I love her blog and would encourage you to find it and  read her posts.

As I am entering yet another phase of my life, as my life is changing yet again, I am again cherishing the ordinary in my days.

What is the extraordinary in your ordinary?


May 4 Prompt – Cuckoo For ?

Cuckoo #2

What are YOU cuckoo for?

There is a cuckoo clock that hangs in my art room. I just recently had it repaired and now it sounds off every 30 minutes. It’s steady tick-tock is a pleasant calming sound to me and the little cuckoo bird that pops out makes me feel ridiculously happy and silly. So you could say I am cuckoo for cuckoo clocks!

Did you know different cuckoo clocks have different cuckoos? Who knew!

If you are curious visit here.


Something else I am cuckoo for?  Birds . . . all birds really. I’ve painted quite a few quirky birds. This little bird appeared as I was thinking about cuckoo clocks. Doesn’t really resemble the bird in my clock but makes me ridiculously happy and silly!


What are you cuckoo for?

Hoping you take some time today to choose art!

Share your creations, let us know what you are cuckoo for.

Lynne and I are thrilled to have some company in our 10 Day Choose Art Challenge!

#10DCAC May 2 – Prompt

This I Know May Prompt 2 - 1



This I Know. . .


               . . . art heals


               . . . the support of friends means everything


                . . . sometimes sorrow pieces sharp and thin thru my heart


                . . . a call from a childhood friend brings memories and laughter


                . . . this world has more beauty than my heart can hold.



 #10DCAC – May – Prompt 2


I recently started doing occasional posts of “This I Know . . .”

It is a check-in with myself to recognize the beauty in this world and to acknowledge the joys and sorrows of life. These simple statement remind me to pay attention to the importance of the little things that occur in our daily lives.


Hoping you take time to choose art today and that you will share your

“This I know . . .”

It can be a simple list or a long list, a simple sketch, or a photograph. What is calling to you today?


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #10DCAC on Instagram so Lynne and I can see it!

Looking forward to our monthly 10 Day exchange.