#10DCAC Jan – Day 3 & 4

Hoping you are enjoying the prompts that Lynne at Open Heart Studios and I have come up with. I have been enjoying them! Day 3 was Inspired by Nature and I was drawn to creating a hawk. I’m so fortunate to live in a neighborhood where most days I see at least one hawk. I’m always thrilled to see them. They are gorgeous creatures and the colors of the red-shouldered hawk are so very striking!



Day 4 was harder for me! Everything Hearts was the prompt. I am not drawn to the typical heart symbol in my art. I love flowers and birds but hearts are not my thing! And pink is definitely NOT my thing.


I’ve been having some slight issues with an irregular heart rate the last few months so I am very conscious of my heart. This morning I had a slight episode and I thought WAIT – why not use a real heart rather than the symbol of a heart!

And so I attempted to sketch a heart – couldn’t help but add a few flowers to it either.

And somehow I ended up with a pink in there and I liked it.

After finishing the page I realized how much this had been influenced by a painting I have from The Motley Turtle Arts. Her use of color and the cool little scribblies in the corners came from that painting. I absolutely love her work.


Art journaling lets me explore without worry. I can splatter paint around and see what happens. I find it very relaxing each time I sit down. Hoping you can take the time for yourself too!  And hoping you will share your creations on IG or FB. Don’t forget to use the #10dcac so we can find you!


#10DCAC January 2, 2019

#10dcac Jan 2 #2

How to choose 3 colors!

I truly to love ALL the colors. Each color brings me joy and evoke an emotion.

To choose I went to my paints and chose the 3 that I use the most.

Teal, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Siena

My go-to colors when I’m feeling blue.

They remind me of my childhood in the Southwest.

They always bring me a sense of joy.

What are your favorite colors?

How did you choose?

I wanted something simple – something that reminded me of my childhood home.

Hoping you share your 3 favorite colors.

#10DCAC – Jan. 1 Word(s) for 2019

I’ve pondered my word for 2019 for several weeks. So many words to choose from!

Awareness, Expansion, . . . . . . . . . . 

When I sat down to create this art journal page I had not made up my mind.

I was hearing the fireworks outside for New Year’s Eve.

After using the Dylusion Ink Sprays I noticed how they resembled the fireworks I was hearing.

I wanted my words to stand out so I added the white paint and then I used clear gesso to smooth out the firework colors.

Still pondering my word of the year I realized that I could not just choose one.

What is your word(s) for 2019?

I hope you take the time to create something to help you remember your word(s).

I hope you can share that with the #10dcac challenge!

Remember to use #10DCAC on Facebook or Instagram!

Looking forward to see what you create today!

#10DCAC January 2019

Welcome back! Ready to play along with a 10 Day Art Challenge?

Lynne and I are hosting a monthly 10 day Choose Art Challenge.

January 1 – 10, 2019

It’s easy to play along! Using the prompts above or your own prompt create something!

It can be an art journal page, a painting, a photograph, a sketch, whatever makes you happy!

Post it on Facebook or Instagram using #10DCAC

Each posting enters you into the drawing for a cool little surprise!

And most important?

You take time for YOU!

Choose Art Today!

My Recipe for Joy

My Recipe for Joy

#10DCAC Day 9

This prompt was fun! It took more than 20 minutes but I had so much fun! It reminded me of my scrapbooking days. I had made a collage photos of my family and printed out a few copies. I knew I wanted family photos for my recipe. 

I love my wild and crazy family, with all our craziness and silliness. When we are together there is so much laughter and love. Those times sustain me when the days are not so sunny.

I hope you are enjoying your family, your craziness and silliness. Hold tight to those memories.

See you tomorrow for our final prompt! 

You can still enter for the drawing for the prizes! Just use #10DCAC on Facebook or Instagram.