#10DCAC – January 10

Day 10 of #10DCAC  What’s Your Story?


How did this go by so quickly? Today is our final prompt for January.  I have enjoyed each and every post and share. The art that has been created and posted has been inspiring and fun and beautiful! Thank you for playing along with Lynne and I. We hope you will join us next month.


Our last prompt is “What’s Your Story?” I had one idea when I came up with the prompt a few weeks ago but since then I’ve changed that completely! During my walk yesterday I was thinking about how I often feel that things I see or run into have a story for me. For instance, every time I see a hawk I think of my brother, or when I see the full moon, my father. There are many other ways I see and learn my story if I am paying attention.

I read a quote today by Jim Carrey,


“Something inside you is always telling a story.

I believe that every single thing you see and hear is talking to you.”


I feel that my life, my story is like a spiral. I keep coming back to the same lessons in my path through this wondrous world and I learn a little more each time. Each person I encounter, each thing I notice and pay attention can tell me more of my story.


What’s Your Story today? It may change as mine did but I hope you take a moment to create your story for today. I hope you take a few moments and choose art. And I hope you use the hashtag #10DCAC on Instagram and/or Facebook!   We will have our drawing on Friday for the prize.


Oh! I learned a new thing today! We are hoping to host this 10 day challenge each month and were wondering how to make sure you get the prompts easily. Did you know that you can follow a hashtag on Instagram and it will be in your feed?  I did not realize this! Also wondering if you would prefer to get the prompt via email or is the Facebook and Instagram post working for you?  Will you let us know?

The stories we tell ourselves late at night differ greatly from the stories we speak as the sun rises. Those words, thoughts can be defeating and/or uplifting. Choosing to speak to yourself from a center of kindness and understanding is healing and soul affirming.

#10DCAC Day 8 – Geometric Lines and Shapes

The dash –  My husband tells me often life is what happens in that time that is represented by the dash on your tombstone.  He tells me “I’m living the dash.”

Funny how a simple line like a dash can represent so much!


Lines and shapes – we seen them every day on the street, when we read. What is the written word but lines and shapes? I love to photograph electrical lines crisscrossing the sky and the sight of the airplane trails in the blue sky intrigues me.


If you simply do a search for Cubist Art you will be completely amazed with the use of shape and color. I could spend hours doing just that. Bunnie Reiss,  and Elspeth Pratt, are two female artists I’ve recently discovered.


What comes to your mind with this prompt? Lynne and I are loving all the shares of your art and photos. Can’t wait to see what this prompt brings to you!


Simple blocks of color outlined in black

I love the image of ladders.

Of course I always am reminded of Georgia O’Keefe, is anyone else?

Our giveaway this month for those who play along.

Just use #10DCAC on Facebook or Instagram to be entered!

We’ll draw a name from all entries January 11.

Thank you for playing and choosing art!

#10DCAC Day 7 Beautiful You

Day 7 – This is a WIP.

As I began this in my journal I had an idea for a more elaborate piece.
I LOVE when that happens.

Art journal play can be healing and can provide inspiration for more art!

Hope you took some time for yourself today and chose art!

#10DCAC A Time to Breathe – Jan 6 2019

A Time to Breathe – This is what I needed today! A day of unexpected developments  which required some digging in the dirt and repair. Luckily it was a wonderful sunny day. I found myself exhausted early in the afternoon.


I curled up and read a book and drank lovely hot tea. A luxury that I rarely take part in. It was exactly what this day needed.


We need to allow ourselves “A Time to Breathe”, a “Time to Be”. We spend an inordinate time being productive and doing, doing, doing. I struggle with this, feeling I “should” be productive and doing. And yet, I know this is not true.


My reminder today actually came from my tea bag. It stated “The voice of your soul is breath.” I love when the universe brings these reminders to me in such a very precise way!


And so I sat and read a novel and drank my tea and simply allowed myself to relax.


What does the prompt “A Time to Breathe” bring to you?



Day 6 of #10DCAC January 2019

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #10DCAC on Instagram or Facebook if you want to play along.

#10DCAC Jan. Day 5 Moon Magic

January 5 is the New Moon, hence the inspiration for this prompt.

I started using a lunar calendar this year. I ordered my calendar from

The Moon Is My Calendar

I am loving it! She has a wall calendar and also a New Moon Calendar Journal that I am using. I highly recommend it!

I am fortunate to have a small group of friends and we have begun to meet online monthly and create for the New Moon. I am so lucky to have these women in my life. They encourage me and I so enjoy the times we are able to meet on-line.

There is something so sacred and special creating together with them.

What will you create for Moon Magic?

Hope you will share on IG or FB using #10DCAC!