#10DCAC January 2019

#10DCAC Jan 2019 Prompts

Welcome back! Ready to play along with a 10 Day Art Challenge?

Lynne and I are hosting a monthly 10 day Choose Art Challenge.

January 1 – 10, 2019

It’s easy to play along! Using the prompts above or your own prompt create something!

It can be an art journal page, a painting, a photograph, a sketch, whatever makes you happy!

Post it on Facebook or Instagram using #10DCAC

Each posting enters you into the drawing for a cool little surprise!

And most important?

You take time for YOU!

Choose Art Today!

My Recipe for Joy

#10dcac Day 9 #3

My Recipe for Joy

#10DCAC Day 9

This prompt was fun! It took more than 20 minutes but I had so much fun! It reminded me of my scrapbooking days. I had made a collage photos of my family and printed out a few copies. I knew I wanted family photos for my recipe. 

I love my wild and crazy family, with all our craziness and silliness. When we are together there is so much laughter and love. Those times sustain me when the days are not so sunny.

I hope you are enjoying your family, your craziness and silliness. Hold tight to those memories.

See you tomorrow for our final prompt! 

You can still enter for the drawing for the prizes! Just use #10DCAC on Facebook or Instagram.

#10DCAC Day 9 – Recipe for Joy

Recipe for Joy

Pondering joy this morning. Of course with the name of my studio, Choose Joy, I guess I often think about joy. The most joyful people I have encountered in my life have had many ups and downs and were truly joyful. I think we must experience sorrow to truly experience Joy. 

What would you put in your recipe for Joy?  

Please share your recipe. Lynne and I are enjoying the various creations you have shared. It is fun to see the different ideas. Choose your camera, your paintbrush, your encaustic supplies, your colored pencils, it’s all good! We only have one more day to our 10 day challenge. We will have the drawing on Wednesday for the prizes. Remember all you need is to use the #10dcac on instagram or facebook to be entered!

#10DCAC Day 7 – All That Glitters is Not Gold

Day 7 – All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I am not a glitter person. I don’t use it in my art – I’m not even sure if I have any in my stash of art supplies. I enjoy it in other’s art but I’ve never been drawn to use it. So this prompt was hard for me! I enjoyed the tree prompt yesterday so much! I kept on making trees even after I posted my work yesterday. I came to my journal for this prompt and felt stuck.


This season can be hard for some. Often our expectations are high and reality is not as glittery as we would like. We might be dealing with the loss of loved ones, illness, or separation from our loved ones. We are bombarded with the glitter and glitz and expectation from social media, stores, magazines and radio. I think I saw Christmas decorations before Halloween this year. It can be a bit too much. At least it is for me.


What brings the glow and warmth (glitter) to my heart is my family, my loved ones and the sweet pets that bring such joy to my life. I’m missing some them this morning.


Below is my journal page – It may not be “pretty” or “glittery” but the feelings I processed while creating are what brings me to my art journal every day.

#10dcac Day 7 Take 2

What in your life is your ‘glitter’? What brings you that sparkle?

I hope you take time to choose art today.  I hope you share your creation.

Hoping you have a day of ‘glitter’ and love!

A Few of My Favorite Things #10DCAC

10dcac Day 5 #2

A Few of My Favorite Things

It was hard to choose something for this prompt! So many of my favorite things are NOT material items. I’ve always loved this vase that a friend gave to my mother. I love the vivid colors. It is perfect to put sunflowers in. It always brought a smile to my mom. And I think of her and my friend when I look at it.

I used Inktense Pencils with this. Someone used these in their creation for Create Your Own Sunshine and that reminded me how much I enjoy the colors and then when you add water – WOW! They really pop. I had more time for this prompt. I was able to lose myself in the colors. It seems a luxury to be able to do that. I was like a small child wrapped up in the moment as I colored. Time just slipped away! I love art journaling and creating art because of this. The process of creating is freeing.

When I looked at my list of favorite things after I was finished I realized I had put GREEN CHILI twice! And I did not get all my favorites listed. I could add many more like rainbows, sunrises, kindness, trees, sunsets . . . 

I hope you take time today to create! Make a list of your favorite things and share with us. Give yourself a few moments to create art!

10dcac Day 5 #1
10DCAC Prizes

One of the prizes for the drawing to be held December 11 – Use #10DCAC