What happened with my backgrounds?

If you are visiting from the Ignite Spotlight, welcome! In my mini-workshop we created many backgrounds using different techniques. I mentioned I would show how I used some of the backgrounds. To be honest, they sat in a pile for quite a while. I’d look at them but did not feel compelled to pick them up.


Enter, Ihanna’s Postcard exchange. Have you done her exchange yet? You get 10 addresses of artists around the world and send them a postcard of your own making and then you receive 10 postcards from artists around the world. What a fabulous thing! I’ve participated several years. She will be doing another in the fall.


So, I grabbed my stack of backgrounds and cut them into postcard size pieces. I try to have a theme when I create my postcards. I took my research into symbols and put a simple symbol or design on each postcard and then on the back included a quote that spoke to me about the design.


I’ve made a small slide show of some of those images. Take a look!


Backgrounds for Postcard Exchange



Jogging to the Journal Page


Once upon a time, when I was MUCH younger I would head out my door each morning and immediately start jogging. I’d punch out 3 – 4 miles quickly, get that endorphin rush and head back home ready to attack my day.


Not so much!

I do head out the door several mornings a week. I cannot immediately begin running. I find my body and brain need a good long walk before we can even consider jogging. (Or wogging as it is now.) This morning I went out and I walked a good 30 minutes before the fog lifted from my mind and the muscles in my legs felt like jogging. I did then jog for 3 or so miles. It felt wonderful. I did get the endorphins and I came back home with a clear head.



My art journaling has changed also. When I first began art journaling and my artistic journey I would leap on the page, splashing paint and words and just going at it with all my might.


Not so much!

My life is a bit different. I do not have a bunch of alone time to just sit and journal. I do keep my art table at the ready with my favorite supplies and journal open. I may only have a few moments to put down a layer of paint, or maybe glue down a magazine piece that struck me, or jot down a quote that has been on my mind. I need this journal time.

Those days I do not spend those few moments are more difficult. My art time gives me those artistic endorphins that soothe my soul and keep me sane.


What is your art journaling like these days?


New Lense



I wear contact lenses.  I change them once a month.  I’m always thrilled with how clear I can see when I first put the new pair on.  My best guess is the lenses get cloudy during the month and I don’t notice the change until I put the new ones in. And then, WOW!

My life has changed recently.  My job that I’ve had and loved for twelve years recently made the decision to close which means I am now unemployed. Which is good and bad.  I will be able to spend even more time with my family. I will be able to cook more healthy meals in the evenings. (My hours previously were afternoon/evening hours so I rarely cooked at night.) I will be able to have more time for my art. We will have to cut way back on expenses. A large part of my identity and social life was tied up with my job.

I woke up this morning – the first morning I will not go off to work in the afternoon and it is a new way of looking.  Seeing clearly without the lense of work. I’ll keep you posted as I begin to see with a new outlook.

Ignite is LAUNCHED!




The day has arrived!  IGNITE Spotlight is up and available.  You can download

your free copy of 11 workshops NOW at  Dirty Footprints Studio

These 10 women and I spent the last year together learning and growing.  I am so fortunate to have met them and call

them friend.

Ignite Spotlight


These fabulous women and I have spent the year together on a journey called Ignite! Our wonderful mentor, Connie with Dirty Footprints Studio led us thru an exploration of who we are as artists and how we wish to serve.  What a wonderful journey it has been.  I am proud to call these women friends and peers.  We have each created a mini-workshop and it will be available Friday, June 29.  I can’t wait and did I mention it is FREE?