Beach Inspiration

Beach Inspiration 2

Nothing like a week at the beach to reset and revive one’s self.

Walks on the beach, time spent with family – cooking, eating, playing games.

Puppies to pet and snuggle with.

Watching the sun rise and the sun set each day.

Gentle waves lulling you to sleep.

A night of rain and wind,

the chance to watch the surf crash.

What a beautiful week!

I’m back home and invigorated and excited to get into the studio again.


Beach Inspiration 1

I’m also thrilled about a new collaboration with my friend

Lynne Hudson at Open Hearts Studio  

Stay tuned for our announcement soon!



Back to it


Way back in the summer I started a piece – it got put away to the side when life happened. I was able to return to that piece this week. I’ve enjoyed adding small little details. It isn’t done yet. I’m waiting to see what else it wants to be added to the canvas. Paintings speak to you if you listen. I’m feeling some hope and giddiness that I’m back to listening to them.


I’ve missed the feeling of paint on my hands and the clutter that appears in my studio as I create. I have so many ideas in my head! I’ve started a pile on my table with various ideas to try out.


Listening to my Pandora station this morning – dancing and singing along. What a beautiful way to spend my morning! I hope your mornings have time for creating.

What are YOU up to?


Symbol Collage - Blog

What happened with my backgrounds?

If you are visiting from the Ignite Spotlight, welcome! In my mini-workshop we created many backgrounds using different techniques. I mentioned I would show how I used some of the backgrounds. To be honest, they sat in a pile for quite a while. I’d look at them but did not feel compelled to pick them up.


Enter, Ihanna’s Postcard exchange. Have you done her exchange yet? You get 10 addresses of artists around the world and send them a postcard of your own making and then you receive 10 postcards from artists around the world. What a fabulous thing! I’ve participated several years. She will be doing another in the fall.


So, I grabbed my stack of backgrounds and cut them into postcard size pieces. I try to have a theme when I create my postcards. I took my research into symbols and put a simple symbol or design on each postcard and then on the back included a quote that spoke to me about the design.


I’ve made a small slide show of some of those images. Take a look!


Backgrounds for Postcard Exchange