Life Changes

In(k)tuition  Butterfly(1)

Isn’t it funny how life throws curve balls sometimes? I don’t usually resort to sport analogies but the last year has been a bit chaotic.  So many changes.  After working 12 years at a non-profit music school, I find myself losing that job.  The market just isn’t conducive to keeping it afloat.  And so here I am (middle-aged!) and at a crossroads really.  Do I look for another day job?  I need one that allows me the freedom to be at home with my mom as much as possible. Do I want a desk job again?


Do I try to do something online?  I know I love creating.  I know I love connecting with others who like to create.


As the dust settles and I find my way I am glad I have my art process to guide me.  I am thrilled to have this new website and I truly hope to make connections with you.


How do you deal with major change in your life?