Day 7 Symbols, Signs & Such

I spent some time going thru a few of my art journals to see what symbols and signs appear in my pages. It was interesting to see how many of the symbols have stayed with me as I’ve gone thru this artistic journey. Spirals, circles, and birds. Lots of birds.


Lately I’ve gone back to painting, drawing, sketching all types of swirly, spirally things. They are satisfying to paint. Not controlled or neat, just these wild swirls of colors. I often paint over them as the piece progresses. And underneath I know those swirls are there. I’ve been drawn to these types of lines for years. I did this piece a few years ago.




I’ve spent time researching symbols and signs. I love this research! I love how we as humans use these symbols and have used them for thousands of years!


What symbols and signs are you drawn to?
What symbols and signs have meaning to you?

I’d love to hear from you!


Hope you enjoy the prompt for today.

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Looking forward to seeing your creations.