#10DCAC Day 8 – Geometric Lines and Shapes

The dash –  My husband tells me often life is what happens in that time that is represented by the dash on your tombstone.  He tells me “I’m living the dash.”

Funny how a simple line like a dash can represent so much!


Lines and shapes – we seen them every day on the street, when we read. What is the written word but lines and shapes? I love to photograph electrical lines crisscrossing the sky and the sight of the airplane trails in the blue sky intrigues me.


If you simply do a search for Cubist Art you will be completely amazed with the use of shape and color. I could spend hours doing just that. Bunnie Reiss,  and Elspeth Pratt, are two female artists I’ve recently discovered.


What comes to your mind with this prompt? Lynne and I are loving all the shares of your art and photos. Can’t wait to see what this prompt brings to you!


Simple blocks of color outlined in black

I love the image of ladders.

Of course I always am reminded of Georgia O’Keefe, is anyone else?

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Thank you for playing and choosing art!