#10DCAC April Day 9

Scribble, Scrabble Day 9 Prompt (1)

It’s really all about the marks, isn’t it? Those scratches and scribbles and mark making open the door to creating a piece that says something.


There are times when I just want to scribble with charcoal or with a marker. It isn’t doodling, it is a definite random scribble that comes out.

There is such a feeling of freedom in scribble without a plan, just making those marks.

I used Tombow markers with this piece. I love how adding water with the Tombow creates a watercolor look!


What can you do with some scribbling and scrabbling?

What other artists have scribbled? A few of my favorites are:


Cy Twombly

Elaine De Kooning

Lee Krasner

Joan Mitchell




What artists have I missed?

Do you have a favorite artist who scribbled?



Hard to believe another 10 Day Choose Art Challenge is coming to an end. April 10 is our last prompt for this month.

Hope you have enjoyed the prompts!