#10DCAC April Day 7

Day 7 Abstractish #2

10 Day Choose Art Challenge

Abstract-ish Art

“Abstract art is all about expressing an idea using composition, color, and materials without relying on immediately recognizable visual references.”   Danielle Krysa


I love to look at abstract art. I can get lost in the pieces. They can speak so eloquently and so deeply. Do you feel the same way?

I never feel that I can quite create that eloquent, deep feeling in my own art. I try and I will keep trying. I wonder if I think from my head too much as I create rather than just letting my intuition go. I am more comfortable with representational art. I call my abstract pieces “abstract-ish”.


“Denim” – Mandy Thompson

An artist who does NOT make abstract-is art is also one of my favorite artists. Mandy Thompson, creates  pieces that speak to the deep part of me. Her abstract pieces bring me such light and hope. Here is what she says about her abstract pieces on her website.


“For those of us who know life is both beautiful and busted… Having faced a few painful circumstances, I have come to see the beauty hidden among brokenness. If you look closely, you will see broken and beat up layers behind much of my work. My pieces reach beyond abstract art and fashionable colors, to bring a message of harmony, reconciliation, and hope. 

   My message is this: Life is not without pain, but it is also not without beauty. When you look at my work, I invite you to take a look at your own life–at your own cracked and smeared messes.  I believe you will see beauty even there.”




Hoping you take time today and choose art. Each time we take a few minutes for art makes room for beauty in our lives. And don’t we all need more beauty?


Thank you for being a part of our 10 Choose Art Challenge. Lynne and I are grateful for your participation.

Day 7 Abstractish #1

“Exploration”        Tami Chacon