#10DCAC April 5

April Day 5 Prompt


Day 5 – Feathers, Feather, Everywhere

Do you get excited when  you find a feather? I do. I view them as a gift. My collection of feathers has grown – and I find each one beautiful and meaningful.

I’ve used them in art pieces but most of them I treasure just as they are.

How can you use feathers in your art? I love to draw them. I’ve seen some gorgeous feathers done in watercolor and I love the artists who paint on the feathers! So many things can be done. There is no limit!


Please share your creation. Don’t forget to use #10DCAC on IG or Facebook.

It is fun to see new artists joining this month.

Thank you for being a part of our choose art challenge.


Hoping you choose to ART today!



Feathers 2

Used one of my tags from yesterday’s prompt!