Spring Equinox – Full Moon

10DCAC March Day 6 - 1

Every Day is Day 1.

I sit. Candle lit – hour glass turned, coffee at hand. I write, letting the thoughts pour onto the page. Meandering mundane thoughts mixed with to-do lists and the deep thoughts that spill thru the pencil onto the lined paper.

I want to see beyond the image. I want to see and say the unsayable. I want to create art that comes from my soul. I want to find the wonder and awe within.


The owl flying overhead between the full moon, completely eclipsed, and I as I lay on the cold ground many years ago.

The full moon on my right, the setting sun on my left as I drove on a lonely stretch of highway.


The sound of the waves as I walked the beach one morning.


The desert sky at dusk, the warm sand between my toes, the smell of sage after a fresh rain.

Spring Equinox Full Moon #2

Forever is composed of Nows.        

 Emily Dickinson


Here’s the thing.


It is all interconnected. 



The memories that stay with me.

The dreams that speak to me at night.

The books I read.

The colors that call me.

The creatures that find me on my path.



Spring Equinox - Full Moon #1

There is sacredness in each moment.


My purpose is to PAY ATTENTION.


There’s beauty in it all.

#10DCAC Day 10 – Soul Flower

Soul Flower Collage

Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.      Gerard De Nerval





I love Florida in the spring!

All of these photos I took in my back yard today. I was surprised at the number of flowers that were blooming. Each flower is individual and beautiful – just as each of us is individual and beautiful.


What will you create today?

Can you take a few minutes and choose to make some art?

Grab your phone and take some photos or grab a magazine and a glue stick.


We would love to see your creations. Use #10DCAC on Instagram and Facebook.


It has been a fun month of creating. These prompts help me keep creating and sharing. Our 10 days of art prompts is over for March. We hope you enjoyed them and were able to choose art and create some art for yourself this month. We will be back in April! Planning a few new surprises so stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram. Looking forward to your beautiful art!


See you next time!  (April 1 – 10, 2019).





March #10DCAC Day 8 Haiku

Can You Haiku?

Happy Friday! Today’s prompt is Can You Haiku?

I have always enjoyed playing with words and one way I enjoy is to create Haiku.

I may not be wonderful at it but it is fun to try and get an idea across with the 5-7-5 pattern of a Haiku!

And I love watercolor and ink! I combined the two today for the prompt.

In the past I would do a haiku every Friday for the Haiku My Heart that Rebecca Recuerda did. She still has the weekly link where you can link your haiku. Check it out!

I think I may try to get back to that weekly.

Hope you enjoy the prompts! Day 8 already! How did that happen?

Lynne and I are coming up with the new great ideas for the April Choose Art Challenge! It is going to be fun!

#10DCAC March Day 6

“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”                                    – Virginia Woolf

Why do we create art? Why do we take the time to sit with our paintbrushes, pencils, or camera? Wouldn’t it be simpler and less expensive to NOT create? Think of the time we would have! We could get all of those eternal ‘should’s and ‘to-do’ lists accomplished.

For myself? The time I spend creating takes me out of the daily routines. This time nourishes that part of me that is beyond the mundane daily details of my life. This time is calming and meditative and also brings a sense of awe and excitement.

I use paint and pencils. I use a pair of scissors and glue sticks. I use charcoal and pencil. No matter the tools I find a sense of timelessness and space when I create.

What do you do to find your “something beyond the daily life?”


March #10DCAC Day 4

March Madness

What does March bring to mind?

My first thought was”in like a lamb, out like a lion”.

Then I remembered March Madness.

I am not a sports watcher by any means.

But the phrase March Madness kept coming back to me.

My March madness page does have basketballs

but they are my own goals I have for March!

One of my Final Four goals is to sketch or draw each day.

What is your March Madness?

Hoping to see your posts with your wonderful creations.

Take time to choose art today!

Use #10DCAC on IG or Facebook.

All ten prompts for March are listed on my home page.

Thank you for creating with Lynne and I!