Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people (and animals) orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.  – Wikipedia

Have your ever read a phrase or listened to a chorus in a piece of music and felt this awakening, this awareness of the beauty and truth in that moment? When I read the phrase “the art of wayfinding” I felt that awareness, that awakening.

And how do we read the swells in our lives? How do we wayfind thru the whirls and eddies in our lives?

My wayfinding is varied: painting, journaling, prayer, oracle cards, animal wisdom, synchronicities, quotes, yoga, endorphins via exercise, meditation, gardening, listening to silence, and the symbols that speak to me. I created a small slide show of some of my work with symbols.

“We are the only one who can feel the swells in our lives.”  -Pablo Picasso



The colors of my world . . .eclectic, varied. Landscape of NE Florida has so many GREENS! Love the new spring green in March, the deep purples and roses of sunrise and sunset. I found myself this year planting flowers of dark purple (salvia) peach/pink (petunias) white (bacopa and pentas) and then my favorite yellow African daisies and various colors of portaluca.  I so love flowers. My father would plant tulips in New Mexico (brilliant RED tulips).  I loved them.  When I moved to Florida I discovered my love for color and flowers.

Color and light is what I am drawn to. Our home has the shades and curtains open WIDE.  I love light.  I need to see the sunlight.  I need to feel the warmth of the sun as it rises on the front porch. The days when it is cloudy and the barometric pressure drops bother me immensely.  I will light candles and play music to offset the unsettling of the darknesss and drop in barometric pressure.

I delight in color everywhere, my coffee cup, the birds in the backyard, the brilliant orange of the finch inside, the flowers I find on my walks, even my tennis shoes.  Color is my constant.  (And yet, I wear an awful lot of black!)

When I get a new art product, my first inclination is to create a color wheel or a color swatch of the colors from that product.  Have you made a color wheel?  Check out my color triangles that I’ve used with Golden paints!